ROKAnol®GT6R (C9-16 alcohol ethoxylated)

ROKAnol®GT6R  (C9-16 alcohol ethoxylated)
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ROKAnol® GT6R is a non-ionic surfactant belonging to the group of ethoxylated fatty alcohols. It is a clear or cloudy liquid that solidifies at around 3°C but becomes clear at 50°C. With excellent wetting and detergent properties, it is widely used in liquid detergents and commercial washing products. It is also effective in cotton bleaching compositions, improving dye absorption and removing air trapped in fabric. Additionally, ROKAnol® GT6R has good degreasing properties and can be used in the presence of oxidizing and reducing agents, as well as hard water. It is easily biodegradable and meets EU

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Chemical name
Alcohols C9-16, ethoxylated