Stainless steel spiral

Stainless steel spiral
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Stainless steel spiral in a circle.

In all cases of weakening of the building structure, which is manifested by a cracked masonry or concrete wall, a solution that strengthens the structure and prevents its further degradation should be used.

it can be used in structures such as: brick walls, brick ceilings, stone masonry walls, concrete structures, structures made of the so-called "big plate".

VERSATILE allows for reinforcement in the following places of the building: walls, vaults, lintels, load-bearing and facade walls, ring beams, foundations. In addition, different materials can be combined: brick with concrete, brick with wood, stone with concrete.

AESTHETIC festspiro spirals embedded in festmӧrtel mortar are not visible on the wall surface.

AFFORDABLE quick execution time, the possibility of using simple construction tools and low material consumption allow the investor to quickly, invisible and cost-effectively solve the problem of a cracking wall.
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