Rofluid T concrete Superplastyfikator

Rofluid T concrete Superplastyfikator
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Superplastyfikator for concrete Rofluid T is a water solution of polycarboxylate ether (PCE) with a brown-yellow color, low viscosity and a dry matter content of 50%. The product is used as a high-performance mixer water reducer for the production of high-strength concretes with high liquefaction. It is also fully compatible with other products in the Rofluid series.

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The chemical structure of Rofluid T determines its mechanism of action. PCE are new generation admixtures and are compounds with a specific structure (the so-called comb structure), consisting of a long main chain and side chains with lengths depending on the number of repeating units of ethylene and/or propylene oxide. Polymer chains adsorbed on the surface of cement grains create a steric hindrance for neighboring grains. The resulting particles, having a certain hydrodynamic volume (different depending on the structure of the polymer), will repel each other when they are too close to each other. This hinders the agglomeration of grains, which in turn extends the time of formation of cement hydration products and delays the setting of the concrete mix. In addition, the water trapped in the cement agglomerates is released, which leads to less mixing water consumption. The addition of Rofluid T also allows for very good workability of the mix, while preventing the segregation of ingredients and creating a coherent concrete. Reduces the phenomenon of "bleeding" (giving water).

The addition of Rofluid T allows you to reduce water consumption by even more than 35%. This translates directly into the durability of concrete, increasing its early strength (this enables faster demolding of concrete elements) and late strength. Concrete becomes more airtight, so its resistance to aggressive substances, frost and abrasion resistance increases. It should be remembered that the amount of PCE added to the concrete mix depends, among others, on on the type of cement, the method of preparing the mixture, the method of mixing or the ambient temperature.

To obtain concrete with standard strengths, it is recommended to use 0.4-1.0% of Rofluid T in relation to the binder mass, while for high-strength concrete and fluidity, 0.5-1.5% of the product in relation to the binder mass. Rofluid T works well in both low and high ambient temperatures. Since it does not inhibit cement hydration at low temperatures, it can be used at air temperatures down to -5°C without compromising the consistency of the concrete mix. Its dispersion and retention properties are also maintained at high temperatures and high humidity.

The use of Rofluid T is recommended primarily in the production of self-compacting concrete (SCC), large-size concrete elements with required high strength and high workability, and in particular for the production of bridge elements with required strengths above 50N/mm2.

• increases the compressive strength of concrete (production of concrete with strengths above 50 N/mm2);
• allows to reduce the amount of mixing water (up to 35%) without compromising the consistency of the concrete mix;
• allows for lower cement consumption, which reduces costs (while maintaining constant w/c);
• high performance concrete setting retarder;
• low dosage of 0.4 to 1.5% by weight of binder;
• can be used at temperatures down to -5°C without inhibiting cement hydration;
• does not corrode reinforcing steel (low content of chlorides);

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