MCAA 70% Solution UP (Monochloroacetic acid)

MCAA 70% Solution UP  (Monochloroacetic acid)
About product

MCAA 70% Solution UP is a highly pure monochloroacetic acid product with a maximum dichloroacetic acid (DCAA) content of 90 ppm. It is primarily used in pharmacy processes that require low DCAA levels for high-quality final products. This solution is easily soluble in various solvents like water, ethanol, and acetone, making it versatile for different applications. MCAA is widely utilized in many organic synthesis processes due to its high reactivity. It finds applications in industries such as agrochemicals, plastics, detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and mining. Its primary use is in the production of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), and it is also used in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients and plant