SULFOROKAnol®L370/1 (Sodium C12-C14 Laureth Sulfate)

SULFOROKAnol®L370/1  (Sodium C12-C14 Laureth Sulfate)
About product

Introducing SULFOROKAnol®L370/1, an anionic surfactant made from natural alcohol. It is a versatile liquid paste that exhibits excellent washing, emulsifying, and foaming properties. With a concentration of 70% active substance, it offers cost-effective storage and transportation. This biodegradable product works well in personal care and detergent formulas, generating high and stable foams. It is also ideal for hard surface cleaners, car chemistry formulations, extinguishing agents, and construction industry applications. SULFOROKAnol L370/1 is used in tanning formulations, emulsion polymerization processes, and metalworking formulations, thanks to its effective surface tension