Flame retardant hydraulic fluid Roksol HSG IBC 1000 Kg

Flame retardant hydraulic fluid Roksol HSG IBC 1000 Kg
About product
  • flame retardant product,
  • low pour point,
  • lubricating properties,
  • good solubility in water and low aliphatic alcohols.

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Fire-retardant hydraulic fluid Roksol HSG is a flame-retardant hydraulic fluid for use in the mining, coking, metallurgical and metallurgical industries. The product is based on natural oil, surfactants, glycols, polymers, corrosion inhibitors and a special package of enriching additives and water. It is a mixture in the form of a red, oily liquid with a tendency to haze.

The product has lubricating properties, thanks to which it can be used in the metallurgical industry as a flame-retardant oil. The water content at the level of 40-50% by weight, as well as the selection of other components of the mixture, ensure flame retardancy of the composition of Roksol HSG. Flame retardancy is one of the desirable features, especially in conditions where there is an increased risk of fire. Roksol HSG is intended for use in hydraulic systems of machines operating in particularly difficult conditions, e.g. in mining.


  • metallurgical industry,
  • coking industry,
  • steel industry,
  • mining industry.
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Chemical name
Aqueous-glycolic solution of polymers, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors