MCAA 75% Solution UP (Monochloroacetic acid)

MCAA 75% Solution UP  (Monochloroacetic acid)
About product

MCAA 75% Solution UP (Monochloroacetic acid) is a highly pure product with a maximum DCAA content of 90 ppm. It is ideal for use in pharmacy applications where DCAA content is critical to the final product's quality. MCAA is a versatile compound used in the production of various organic compounds due to its high reactivity. It is widely utilized in industries such as agrochemicals, plastics, detergents, paints, cosmetics, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, and mining. The largest consumption of MCAA is in the production of carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). It is also used in the synthesis of active ingredients for pharmaceuticals, plant protection products, betaine, thioglycolic acid, d